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Do you want to work in Poland?

Do you have any questions about work in Poland?

The National Labour Inspectorate experts  will talk about the polish labor law and the principles of employing foreigners.

 The workshop concerns the legal aspects of taking up employment by students from abroad. During the meeting, the student will learn, among other things, what requirements he or she should meet in order to legally start working and what to pay attention to in the contract.

We will discuss the rights and obligations of both the employee and the employer.

Finally, we will draw attention to how an employer can take advantage of an employee’s unawareness of the regulations and how to behave in the event of such a situation.

When? 10.05.2023, 10.00 am
Where? Cukrowa 8, Szczecin,  room 235 (The Academic Career Srevices)
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